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Summer in ice - flower icecubes

Summer in ice - flower icecubes

There were many questions about these splendidly colroful icecubes, sice i have published my post "this is pure luxury". Now here is the recipe.
It is a wonderful way to preserve the colors and the taste of the summer for winter time.

Flowers are true magicians.
Has anyone ever tried to make ice cubes with edible flowers?
Flowers in all their colors are the absolute highlight!
The sweet flowers in the ice cubes make each drink much more attractive and coveted, even if it is only a simple glass of water. How beautiful all at once water in all colors can shine. The eye is really happy with it. The best recipes are almost always so simple. The water is exhaled and also beautifully aromatic ...Eiswuerfel

eatable flowers
eg. Lavender, roses, fragrance pelargoniums, daisies
  boiled water
   silicon ice cube form
  !!! Please use only eatable flowers !!!
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 Lucina´s Tipps:

Make sure that only injected and edible flowers, find the way into your ice cubes!

gutes gelingen lucina

Here the way i did:

Nummer 1Depending on your mood, you can either leave the flowers alone or use the individual petals.
Add the flowers to the ice cubes and fill with water until only half (as the flowers rise).
Leave for about 1 hour in the freezer.
Remove and fill the second half with water.
Now just a few hours, best left over after, t in the freezer.
Remove the colored cubes as needed and add them to the drink.

Did you try the recipe?
Then leave me a comment or link me on your photo on social media with the hashtag #lucinacucina
I look forward to your ice cube creations!

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