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Lucina´s farmer salad

Not with feta cheese as in the Greek cuisine, but with lots of bacon and potatoes as in the true Tyrolean.
Add variety to your everyday kitchen.
And magic this delicious, light hearty and quickly made salad on the table.

Farmer salad deluxe ... also earlier they knew what tastes good

The inspiration for this salad was the rural neighbor Maria - as mentioned so often - she can cook heavenly good. The last time we enjoyed our coffee in the garden on the terrace, she came with a taste of her farm salad.KAFFE IM GARTEN AFTER EIGHT I love greasy salad, but this was something special and incredibly delicious.
In my garden, the different lettuce heads are already nice and round. During the walk through my rows of lettuce, I was suddenly struck by the gusto of this peasant salad.garten anlegen salat holzscheiben And  I walked with her dirndl, pen and recipe booklet to her for this recipe. I was greeted by her cats, her daughter Nicole and her friends Kathi and Isabell, who had a whirlpool day followed by fondue fondues.katzen landleben haimingerberg ferienwohnunghausegg Of course, I immediately received an invitation, but I really wanted to prepare this salad. So with a heavy heart I canceled the hot tub. But I would have finished by the cheese fondue, so I said to feast.haimingerberg kaesefondue familieprantl In addition, I can then bring my tasting of my farm salad. The things were clarified and already I held a cup of coffee, a glass of sparkling wine and a homemade cherry juice to taste in the hand. So fast is it with the always new inspirations. I love this rural openness and hospitality. Shortly enjoyed the sun and the drinks and already I was on the way to imitate my recipe. I changed it a bit because, as Maria said, "just put in everything you find at home on vegetables, pluck several different leaves of salad because of the colors". "Do not forget to deglaze the bacon with the vinegar" she shouted after, as I hurried into my garden for the lettuce leaves.bauernsalat haimingerberg tirolersalat lucinacucina ferienwohnunghausegg blog rezept speck

haube en

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4 pieces
1 piece
1 piece
clove of garlic
1 piece
yellow paprika
2 pieces
big tomatoes
3 pieces
cooked eggs
4-5 pieces
Ca. 150 g bacon cubes
Ca. 100 ml

apple cider vinegar

leafs of different salads,
  iceberg lettuce, lamb´s, Lollo Rosso, romain lettuce
  for the dressing:
1 EL
honey mustard
1 EL
tree top hney (or normal)
5 EL
high quality oliveoil
20 ml apple cider vinegar
4 EL water
  different herbs
  (Chives, parsley, thyme, oregano ...)
  helpful but not necessary:
  Nutribullet(klick) oder anderen Mixer
  Salad dryer(klick)
  vegetable cutter(klick)
 Lucina´s tips:

It does not matter which leafy lettuce you use.
You can also change it and with Parmesanchips or z. B. also turn on cucumbers.
Meanwhile, I have also made it with home-made blueberry vinegar and homemade pine oil instead of olive oil - that was also very tasty.
Precise details when dressing are difficult to make, as some lettuce leaves quickly dress a lot and others do not.
The amount of lettuce leaves is different.
You just have to take care that you do not make a mess of it. Just go a little bit for feeling. You can see if you have enough dressing.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Boil the potatoes with shell, allow to cool, peel and cut into thin slices.

Nummer 2Peel onion and garlic and finely chop - I use this for my Tupper Turbo Boss.
Now let me pour boiling water and let it draw for about 5 minutes - this weakens the sharpness.
Then drain the water.

Nummer 3
Cook the eggs on medium, cool, peel and also cut.

Nummer 4Wash the lettuce leaves, shake dry and cut into small pieces.

Nummer 5Wash radishes, the leaves
(from the leaves you can make a pesto if they are organic or from their own garden)
Cut off the tail and cut it into small pieces with the tomatoes and peppers.

Nummer 6You can, but you do not have to roast the potatoes and vegetables in a pan in olive oil golden yellow.
I prefer to roast without it - so much more vitamins are preserved.
Put everything together in a large bowl.

Nummer 7Sauté the bacon in a non-stick pan and deglaze with the vinegar, simmer briefly and pull away from the heat.
This forms the basis for our dressing.

Nummer 8Meanwhile, add the herbs, olive oil, honey, honey mustard, water, vinegar in Nutribulett or another blender and mix.

Nummer 9Now everything together, vegetables, salad, eggs, herbs, dressing and bacon mix well and serve.

Good luck and I look forward to your comments!

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