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Red wine - coffee liqueur

A homemade coffee liqueur made from aromatic Arabica coffee beans is not only a welcome drink for a happy evening with friends - when bottled in a beautiful bottle, it is also an ideal individual gift.

Exotic, dark, misteriously - red wine - coffee liqueur!

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Mhhh this smooth, slightly fruity coffee liqueur on the best red wine base is the ideal conclusion to a good meal, or as a fine accompaniment to the dessert, cake or even, for example mocca cookies and of course for coffee.
I recently made a large bottle of Lambrusco from Tuscany while visiting friends. But we drank together only one glass. It was too bad for me to empty the wine afterwards - you know, I do not like it, when you handle food wastefully. That's why I thought of making a red wine coffee liqueur from the rest of Lambrusco. I mixed another bottle of "Grande Alberone", although it is said that one should not mix the wines. After many tastings by friends, I can tell you that the red wine coffee liqueur was very well done. So far he has tasted great.
The delicious coffee liqueur is very easy to make: you should definitely try it.


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1,5 L
Lambrusco (Wein)
1,5 L
Grande Alberone(Wein)
3 packg
Bourbon vanilla sugar
1 piece
vanilla bean
2 pieces cinnamon sticks
2 EL
370 gr
brown sugar candy
ca. 60 gr
fine arabica coffee beans
  also you need:
  jar 5L
  bottles to fill in
  bottle funnel
  flour sifter
  coffee beans for decoration
 Lucina´s tip

The longer the liqueur can pull, the better it tastes.
Bottled in decorative vials, this liqueur is the perfect companion when it comes to visiting.
You can also use only one dry variety of red wine in your red wine liqueur.

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I did it that way:

Nummer 1Slice the vanilla pod, fry the coffee beans briefly in a pan and put all the ingredients together in a clean bottle.
Let it rest for at least 7 days.
But the more you let the liqueur go, the better it tastes.
I let my 5 weeks go.
It is important to stir daily until the sugar has dissolved.
In between, I also tasted again and again. The amount of sugar is up to you - I'm a sweet and likes it when liqueur tastes sweet.
After resting, simply strain over a flour sieve and fill at will in nice little bottles. In each liqueur bottle, I have also given each 3 coffee beans as a decoration.1 1 rotweinlikör

2 rotwein kaffeelikoer lucina cucinaIf you liked my pictures and the recipe, I would appreciate a comment.
Have fun while copying.

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