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Cherry liquer

Making a delicious cherry liqueur yourself is actually quite simple.

Cherry liqueur made at home ... Cherry enjoyment with a difference

Fruits, alcohol and sugar - these are the basic ingredients. However, it depends on the refinement with different spices. Above all, you still have to be patient and wait many weeks until the liqueur really pervades.
The harvest of the cherries has been very rich this year. I do not have any cherries in the garden, but my mom in Slovakia (where we visited at the right time this year). Here in Tyrol, my dear neighbor Maria has one who was so nice and offered it to me. Since there are so many cherries this year, I was allowed to collect as many as I wanted with her. So countless recipes with cherries have been created this time. Cherry pie, cherry cake, innumerable cherry jams, Geeles (cola-cherry jelly) and 4 different cherry liqueurs.1kirschlikoer selbstgemacht rezept landrezept landlebenWhen I was little, life was still totally different. In the summer a lot of canned and boiled, so you could enjoy in the winter to these goodies. Most of all I had compote, no matter if cherries or other berries. Compote was something I ate with my siblings instead of sweets like chocolate - it was healthier all the time.
Even from home, I was used to processing everything. That's why I've been thinking of making all cherry liqueurs and gutting them. I then processed these cherries even further - I kept some of it in alcohol for my cakes or something similar, then I processed the other part into delicious jams. You can kill two birds with one stone, as the pickled fruits can be further processed. All this, I introduce you to gradually, but now for the first cherry liqueur.
I have produced 5l for my friends and my family as gifts. The recipe I write for you, however, for about 1L.
Depending on how much you want to make, you can vary the amount.kirschlikoer selbstgemacht rezept lucinacucina kirschen

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1,5 kg
stoneless cherries (the sweet one)
500 gr
brown sugar candy
1 L
corn booze
230 ml
 1 TL
pink pepper
2 Stück
Bio oranges (juice)
 1 Stück Cinnamon stick
2 Stück
vanilla pod
1 Tl
cardamom green
  closable bottle
  To make it better
60 gr rashberries oder currants
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 Lucina´s tips:

You can take instead of cardamom, cinnamon and pink pepper a spice with the name Garam Masalla.
Put about 1½ teaspoons of it into the glass bottle.

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I did it that way:

Nummer 1Cherries, wash and core. Crushed rose pepper and cardamom seeds in mortar.
Slit the vanilla pods. Add water, orange, rock candy, cinnamon stick, crushed cardamom, rose pepper and sliced ​​vanilla pods with the cherries and cook over medium heat until well combined.
Now add the schnapps and stir well.

Nummer 2Fill everything in a sterile, lockable glass. Let this about 9 weeks in the dark, cold cellar.
Do not forget to stir from time to time.

Nummer 3
After passing through, first pass through a sieve, then filter through a cotton cloth.
Fill in clean, sterile bottles and store in the cold cellar or feed immediately.
You can still each cherry in the bottle do as a decoration.


I wish fun to make it!

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