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Schokosnana banana-ginger-chocolat spread

A creative spread of ripe, already brown bananas and ginger.
Resteverel deluxe - if you want to see it that way.

Schokosnana?  ... a spread for all, who love sweet

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Once again, creativity goes through with me.
At the table are already very ripe bananas, which I use normally in my smoothies.
Since they are too mature and I would like to use them quickly, I simply make a spread / jam out of what is currently in the house. Pectin and gelling powder Gelfix 3: 1 have been a long integral part of my household, since I cook a lot since I have a garden. Ok, what else do we have there? A piece of ginger, ginger chocolate from Heidi and coconut milk - the cooking process can begin and a new creation sees the light of day. This is also a small souvenir for adventurous cookies (Patricia Lutz) By the way, in my cherry and banana cake with cherry topping, I used exactly this jam, only with the difference that this is a white chocolate instead of ginger freshly chopped lemon balm and the abrasion includes a lemon. Get your apron and off you go. Please do not be surprised, the steps are still done with this white chocolate, so with my first Variante.Gels you can also use this choco banana jam in the cake. But also otherwise, for example, as a breakfast spread, or between, or you can make a dad just get him out of the bottle.13bananen schokolade aufstrich

For those who are not very familiar with cooking, I have linked the ingredients.

haube en
600 gr
400 gr
100 ml
banana nectar
14 gr
  juice of one lemon
100 gr
ginger chocolate
  pinch Amaretto or rum
  pinch of vanilla paste
35 gr Gelfix 3:1
365 gr
6 Stück
glases 212 ml
1 Stück
cooking funnel
  Mixer (I use Nutribullet)
  grater or gingergrater
  lemon press
 Lucina´s tips:

Very ripe bananas are excellent for this recipe.
Those who already have a very brown shell and no longer look so appetizing to serve.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Peel the bananas, cut them into small pieces and mash them twice with the coconut milk, the banana nectar and the juice of a lemon in the Nutribullet (or another high-performance mixer).

2bananen schokolade aufstrich rezeptPeel and finely grate ginger.
Empty the crushed mass into a saucepan. (the pot should be big enough - so you do not get burned when the mass cooks bubbly)9bananen schokolade aufstrichMix sugar with Gelfix 3: 1 and add a dash of vanilla paste to the pot. Mix well and bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
When the mixture is warm enough (not yet cooked), stir in the chopped chocolate and ginger and wait until the chocolate has decomposed.
This step is relatively fast.3bananen schokolade aufstrich rezept Now boil all ingredients bubbly for 3 minutes, stirring always, so that nothing burns.
Remove from heat, make a gel sample (as you can see on the packaging of Gelfix).
If the consistency is ok, boil again, add a dash of Amaretto (this step may or may not be) or 2, depending on your taste.
Now fill in sterilized jars with the help of a Einkochtrichters.
Place on the lid for 5 minutes to allow the air to escape better.
Done is the vegan chocolate banana spread.

I wish you a wonderful enjoyment
and have fun and enjoy preparing this vegan spread.1bananen schokolade aufstrich rezept1bananen schokolade aufstrich marmelade12Bananen schokolade aufstrich

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