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Christmas duck Barbarie

Christmas duck Barbarie

It glitters, it smells, it rings. Oh you delicious ...
Christmas is not only the most beautiful, but also the tastiest time of the year. It is the most important and beautiful festival of the year and must be celebrated accordingly.

startBecause as the saying goes: "Love goes through the stomach" This is especially true when we want to pamper our loved ones with delicacies from the kitchen.
And every year, housewives, hobby cooks and bloggers ask themselves the question "What do I cook at Christmas?" Most of the time, the old, traditional dishes are brought out of Grandmother's cookbook. rezeptebuchThis year I am the first time with Mr. C. in 6 years our relationship, alone on Christmas Eve. Only two of us were cooked. This year we departed from our common traditions. Namely, from the tradition of set food. At my home in Slovakia every year at Christmas there is a certain 6 course menu, very, very tasty, but the preparation lasts the whole day. This is very important in Slovakia, and meticulous care is taken to ensure that there is no meat on Christmas Eve.lucyfam weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessen In contrast, Mr. C. traditionally had a raclette at Christmas. A very simple meal, whereby the focus is not on the elaborate preparation, but on the sociable ingestion.chrisfam weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslifeSince we were only a couple this year, we wanted to break with the old traditions and be completely open to new things. Even if we love the family classics, it was worth trying another recipe.
With much love and even more enthusiasm, we finally decided on a Christmas duck. I let myself be inspired by a patient of mine, who had wished me a Christmas duck years ago and to me her very special recipe has revealed. Despite minor objections from Mr. C., who saw a duck as a great venture, we opted for the Christmas duck Barbarie. The brave ones are the world, in the worst case we still had a cheese fondue Plan B if the duck failed. In my opinion, the Christmas dinner is not about perfection but about the feeling ...weihnachtskochen weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessen
We started with the purchase of duck and the right ingredients. (3 days before Christmas Eve) For this we reserved a whole day. You know, there's no business around the corner here on the mountain. And the duck should be something special. Special emphasis was placed on the fact that the duck did not come from a fattening. That's how our search began, from one shop to the next, until we found the perfect duck and ingredients for us. We decided to enjoy this most beautiful time of the year and every minute of it, completely without being in a stressful hamster wheel. When we got home from our shopping in the evening, we started the oven and we made ourselves a hot chocolate. With this delicious drink and home-made biscuits, we had the next plan for our perfect Christmas meal. christmasmoments weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtenWe put the duck in a brine for 24 hours, meanwhile we had enough time to watch Christmas movies and to pack the presents for our loved ones. The greatest gift for us is clearly the time together. Unfortunately, it is in short supply and has become a luxury. If only the earth was so friendly and braked, and everything would turn more slowly. Does not each one of us sometimes wish to break the laws of nature so that you have more time?christmas weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsgeschenke  santaOn the 24th we slept together for a long time, drank breakfast coffee together and headed for the snowy winter forest. An enchanting place for a relaxing walk, where we collected natural materials to decorate our Christmas table. haimingerberg lucinacucina lucinaslife winter winterlandschaft alpenNothing fancy, it should not take much time to object, but still visually pleasing the eye. Cones, twigs, bark, wood, wonderfully fragrant pine branches, spices and candles should make our rustic table a feast for the senses. And the visitors from the forest, the deer, could not be missing from us.
Table Cover yourself
Simply table and still enjoy twice. That was our plan.
The Christ Child hovered softly over our Christmas table, scattering fine down from his angel wings glittering like snowflakes on our old classic red and hand embroidered cotton tablecloth. Fir branches and pine cones not only spread wonderful scent, but together with the deer they also brought the forest to our Christmas table. Red, white, green and copper - in soft candlelight it seemed so simple, but still romantic and magical. The black sheepskin in the back made for cosiness in the meal. weihnachtstisch weihnachtstafel weihnachtskochen weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessenWe were overwhelmed, not only by the mood of the meal, but also by the successful Christmas fowl. Also Mr. C. was extremely enthusiastic about the preparation of this duck, even if duck had never been on his food list before.
It was just gorgeous - what an evening!
Now, after this culinary feast, the Christ Child could come.

 1 piece
duck Barbarie
 1 piece
big bowl
  salt (come to 1 liter of water 50g)
  no other are used
  for the filling:
1 piece
red, sweet appel
1 piece
red onion
1 piece
normal onion
4 pieces
Kclove of garlic
1 piece
big BIO orange
viel marjoram spice
  mulled wine
  poultry stock
  big toothpick to close the duck
  baking sheet
  for the garnish:
1 kg potatoes
100 ml cream
pinch salt and pepper
1 TL butter
  for decoration:
  fir branches, apples, BIO orange
drucken en
 Lucina´s tips:

Please make sure that the duck does not come from a fattening and is fresh.

It is very helpful to use long toothpicks to close the duck.
Be sure to immerse the duck in the brine for a full 24 hours and maintain the ratio of 1 liter of water to 50g of salt.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1Wash the duck.
Take a bowl in which the duck has good space and is completely covered with water. In cold water, dissolve the salt with a whisk (50g of salt per liter of water)
I needed 10 liters of water for my duck, which means 500g of salt. This brine makes the meat wonderfully spicy and you do not need any other special spices.
Complain the duck well with any counterpart, so that she is completely underwater. I used a heavy glass frying pan so it would not float on the surface.
In this brine she stays now 24 hours !!!
Either in the fridge, in the basement or on the cold balcony.Nummer 2After these 24 hours we took the duck out of the brine.
The duck I carefully dabbed with kitchen roll dry.weihnachtskochen weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessen 1
Nummer 3All materials for the filling were now cut into small pieces and mixed in a bowl with enough marjoram. The orange and the apples you can cut together with the shell.
Now this filling came in the duck. Nicely stuffed and always slightly pushed.weihnachtskochen weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessen 2 The filling releases taste and aromas in the duck.
Later we used a part of the filling for the matching sauce.
I closed the duck with long wooden toothpicks.Nummer 4Next came the duck in the well-preheated oven.
At the beginning 90 minutes at 170 ° C upper and lower heat. On the bottom of the oven I put an aluminum sheet and on it a fireproof baking pan. In this I gave the rest of the filling, including the neck and with about 200 ml of mulled wine and 50ml of water was poured.
The duck came now carefully directly on the rust.
Into the baking pan then dripped the fat and the juice of the duck.weihnachtskochen weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessen 3
Nummer 5After 90 minutes I looked at the meat. The meat should give way, there should be no tension on it and it should have a light color. My duck was not finished after this time. She needed another 100 minutes.
Mr. C. and I sat impatiently and with glasses of wine excited in front of the oven and waited when finally the crunchy miracle was to be tried. It took us too long so we looked at a nice Christmas movie. I controlled the duck every ½ hour. For the past 30 minutes, I peeled the potato and cooked it in salted water, along with a cattle soup cube. I first took out the baking pan, along with the stuffing and the fat, added a little beef soup and cream, seasoned with salt and pepper and pureed everything in my Nutribulett to a nice sauce. I still tasted this sauce with spices - the sauce was ready. Once again properly cooked in a pot and the sauce was ready to serve.
Nummer 6
In the meantime, Mr. C pureed the hot potatoes with cream and butter into a purée with the hand mixer.
The duck came on a silver tablet, on which I previously distributed small pine branches.
In addition, I decorated this tablet with fresh orange slices, apple slices and small red Christmas tree balls.
On our plates came now the duck breast with the Püre, which I dabbed with a syringe bag on the plate.
Now only a good wine was missing - took pictures and then we enjoyed it.
Buon appetite !weihnachtskochen weihnachtsente lucinacucina lucinaslife weihnachtsessen 5

If you enjoyed my Christmas duck, I look forward to a feedback!
Fits naturally also as exquisite New Year's Eve dinner!


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