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Irish Coffee Cream Gugelhupf

Irish Coffee Cream Gugelhupf

Watch out guzzlers!!
My new dessert creation, my Irish Coffee Cream is worth a sin!

Whiskey, coffee, chocolate and cakes fit perfectly together and a new creation has emerged: my Irish Coffee Cream Gugelhupf.
In this cake, the self-cooked Irish Coffee Cream - which was designed not only for lovers of Irish coffee and coffee - makes for an enjoyable summit. So that I can show you that this homemade delicacy can not only be brought to the bread, I have thought of this recipe.
Just leave the decoration free - flowers from my garden, small bonbons from Lindt, Giottos, coffee beans and toffee sauce from Muh-Muh round this Gugelhupf also for the eye off.

With this deliciousness, you will be very popular with your guests. Curtain up for Lucina Cucina Irish Coffee Cream Gugelhupf …tadaaaa…

haube en
200 gr
soft butter
260 gr
1 pack
vanilla sugar
2 EL
2 EL cold espresso
6 pieces
310 gr
1/2 pack
baking powder
100 ml
50 gr desiccated coconut
200 gr
 Irish Coffee Cream
40 gr
ground hazelnuts
  für die Schokoglasur:
100 gr
Lindt cooking chocolate dark
 200 gr cooking chocolate normal
 1 EL coconut oil
  1 EL means 1 tablespoon
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 Lucina´s Tipps:

Melting vanilla ice cream as a side dish gives the gugelhupf a very special touch.
To Irish cocoa the cake tastes very well as to coffee!
Use a SILIKON BACK FORM for this recipe!

gutes gelingen lucina en


 I did it that way:

Nummer 1Apron, preheat the oven and ready to go!
Preheat the oven to 180 C degrees of top and bottom heat.Nummer 2Grease the form with spry and dust it with flour.Nummer 3Beat butter with 160 g sugar, vanilla sugar, whiskey and strong espresso foamy.Nummer 4Separate eggs from yolk. Place the egg yolks individually in the butter mixture and stir in each case for about 1/2 min.
Nummer 5Whip egg whites with salt and whisk the remaining sugar.
Nummer 6Combine flour and baking powder.
Nummer 7With a wooden spoon alternate flour mixture, milk and egg yolk under the butter mass.
Nummer 8Half the dough. Mix the half of the dough with cocoa, Irish Coffee Cream and hazelnuts.Nummer 9Mix the light dough with coconut chips.Nummer 10Put the light dough into the shape, the dark dough on it.Nummer 11Use a wooden spit or spoon to drive through the dough to create a typical marble cake pattern.
Nummer 12Bake in the preheated oven about 1 1/2 hours at 180 C degrees and allow to cool completely.
Nummer 13For the glaze melt the chocolate with the coconut oil.
Nummer 14Remove the gugelhupf from the mold and thoroughly clean and dry the mold.
Nummer 15Place the melted chocolate in the gugelhupform and pay attention that the side walls are covered with chocolate.Nummer 16Now bring the gugelhupf back into the filled form again and press it vigorously but very carefully. Really very careful please!Nummer 17Now place the mold completely in the refrigerator and allow to cool for about 2-4 hours.

Finally peel the gugelhupf carefully from the silicone mold and enjoy the perfect result!

Gugelhupf Silikon-Backform blau Optima - Trennspray manako BIO Kokosoel Original Muh-Muhs Toffee Sauce Lindt & Spruengli Geburtstags Pralines



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