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Many of you already know that a few days ago I started a girls evening, which I called Floriental. But what would a cozy "we-time" be without the right snacks? A little bit of strengthening has to be easy. Of course, the question was which snack would I prepare. My sister Monika has given me these lovely little mini Gugelhupf molds and as the Gugelhupf is back fully in the coming, I have opted for a chocolaty mini Gugelhupf. I think these mini gugelhupfs are the perfect snack for any party buffet.
Ok, admittedly, I also wanted a culinary eye-catcher for the girls evening and that's exactly what my chocolate mini gugelhupfs with a touch of roses should be - after all, they should also match my motto Floriental. A cake in miniature is just a bit different than just cutting off a piece of a big one. Or not? A small, fine delicacy, enveloped by a soft melting chocolate and the extravagance gives it the light touch of the rose. In this mini format you want to eat it every day. A lovingly staged seducer against the gray everyday life, his taste and appearance inspire new ideas and thoughts. I also served these little beauties during our visit to Charly, our mountain baker. And if he was already enthusiastic as a professional baker, then that means something, too? Incidentally, I have used exactly the same dough for the heart tarts with rose truffles (pictures below). The chocolate glaze I have omitted.
And here's the recipe for these little seducers:


haube en
200 g
250 ml
250 g
dark chocolate (highquality)
150 g
2 El
170 g
7 pieces
7 EL cacao powder
4 cl rose wasser
  baking spray
  silicon-Mini-Gugelhupf form
  chocolate topping
  Mixer oder kitchen processor
   if you want: fresh, small berries, candy cherries
 Lucina´s tips:

Mini gugelhupfs you can freeze well - so you always have something delicious for coffee for an unexpected visit.
Who has fresh unsprayed rose petals, can also chop these small and work in the dough



gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1

Apron around.
Preheat oven to 170 ° C circulating air.
Coarsely chop the chocolate (if not otherwise given) (I use an electric multizinker) and melt with butter and milk over the water bath.
Milk can be heated on a direct flame before that1 schokolade hacken minigugelhupf2 schokolade hacken minigugelhupf

Nummer 2Whisk the eggs with the sugar on a high level until frothy. 3 eier schaumig schlagen

Then squeeze in the cocoa powder and flour.
Briefly stir with the whisk again.
Then add the melted mass and 2 tbsp oil and rose water and mix well.

Nummer 3Grease the Gugelhupf forms well with the baking spray, so that nothing sticks.4 silikon mini gugelhupf form dr oetker backspray
Please do not be surprised, the dough is liquid during filling, but it solidifies after baking. Bake the mini-Gugelhupfs for about 15 - 20 minutes.
Depending on the oven and size of the mold, the baking time may evetl. to be adjusted slightly.
The stick sample is helpful to test when they are done.

Nummer 4

Coat the completely cooled Guglhupfs with chocolate.
To do this simply take the cleaned molds, put a little melted chocolate in the mold - make sure that the side walls of the mold are covered with chocolate.
Now the Mini-Gugelhupf again fit into the filled mold and press down vigorously but very carefully.
Really very careful please!

Nummer 5Now let it cool in the fridge.
Carefully remove the miniature ball cakes from the molds.
Sprinkle a little spray cream at the top and sprinkle fresh little berries or candied cherries on top.

I wish you a wonderful enjoyment
and a lot of fun and joy while preparing.
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