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Sandokan eyes / Sandokanove oči

It's one of the tastiest chocolates for Christmas from my home.
Let yourself be seduced by the sweet universe of Slovak cuisine.

Oh, you sweet winter time - chocolates called Sandokan eyes/Sandokanove oči!

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They are known in Slovakia as Sandokanove oči, which means Sandokan eyes.
When it's chilly outside, our body and soul are demanding warmth. Therefore, now let yourself be seduced by a heavenly creation of humanity in Slovakia. Blissful pleasure is guaranteed with these Sandokan eyes chocolates.
Oh, I can remember so well ... When I was very young, it was next to the rum balls and Šuhajdy my favorite chocolates. Sugar, chocolate and the like was very expensive at that time and not everyone could really afford these foods. That's why we (and my 5 younger brothers and sisters) probably enjoyed Christmas so much every year. The whole year was saved, so you could boil properly for Christmas.
This unbelievable joy, when my mom with our dad gave us chocolate garnish for the Christmas tree on the 24th of December and we were allowed to decorate the tree with it. These bright children's eyes and this joy is unlikely to be imagined these days. It felt like you had landed in a chocolate-spa oasis where you could completely indulge in chocolate bliss.
Also, what was baked on biscuits over the Advent season and lovingly made on chocolates, was always nicely stowed in the cans and brought in the food at the top in front of us children to safety. Only on Christmas Eve we were allowed to really nibble on this sweet luck - previously only in secret, but Pssst - do not betray me. No one could resist the seductive scent of the melted couverture and the scent of delicious spices. Most of all we had the gingerbread of my grandmother, Šuhajdy and just these Sandokan eyes, of which I will tell you today my family recipe. And who knows, maybe they will taste you and your families so well that this recipe will become your family tradition.

If you need help, write me a comment or an e-mail. I try to help you immediately. I also linked all the important ingredients so you know what I mean exactly. It was typical for Slovakia to make these chocolates in an empty egg-plastic package or in a large paper or silicone muffin tray. In my opinion, both forms are much too big, so I decided to buy small chocolates. Of course you can also choose one of the other variants.

haube en

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  Mass A:
125 gr
Ceres coconut fat
2 EL
powdered sugar
4 EL
milkpowder ( oder Baby-food-dry milk)
5 EL
coconut tree
  Mass B:
 50 gr
Thea (herbal margarine)
50 gr powdered sugar
100 gr grounded walnuts
  Mass C:
125 gr Ceres coconut fat
4 EL powdered suagr
50 gr cacao
4 EL strawberry pudding powder
  also you need:
  many Smarties
  egg - plastic packageing
  small praline-papercase
 Lucina´s tips:

The Smarties are the eye effect - that's why these chocolates are called like that. If you do not like smarties, you can also use raisins, which he put in rum the day before.
I store these chocolates in a cool place. In the fridge or on the balcony.

gutes gelingen lucina en

I did it that way:

Nummer 1White mass A:
Melt coconut oil in a saucepan on the griddle.
Not cook! Remove from the heat and mix in icing sugar, dried milk powder and coconut flakes.
If you are using the egg plastic wrapper to make your chocolates, wash them out with cold water first.
Place a Smartie at the bottom in the middle of each eggshell or in the small paper cups.
Now comes the white mass on it. The mass fills a little more than half of the mold.
I have put the molds with the mass immediately after filling in the freezer or leave on the cold balcony.
You do not have to take this step - but I wanted to have nice transitions between the two masses.

Nummer 2Nut mass B:
Meanwhile, melt thea (vegetable margarine) on the griddle.
Remove from the plate and mix powdered sugar, ground nuts and some rum.
Mix well.
Remove the molds from the freezer and distribute the nut mass on the white mass.
Add a little space for the pudding mass.
Cool again on the cold balcony or in the freezer.

Nummer 3Pudding mass C:
Again, melt coconut oil on the stove.
Remove from heat and mix powdered sugar, cocoa and strawberry pudding powder and mix well.
Remove the molds from the freezer and fill this mass with the nut mass until the mold is full.
Again a little cold and ready are these wonderful pralines.1 sandokanaugen sandokanove oci2 sandokanaugen sandokanove oci lucina cucina3 sandokan augen sandokanove oci lucina cucina

If you liked my recipe and pictures, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.
Have fun baking.

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