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Together it just feels better - get to know each other, exchange ideas, network

Together it just feels better - get to know each other, exchange ideas, network

From a successful blogger meeting in a exquisite cafe in the middle of Innbruck.
Only those who share, have more of life.

Crime scene Lavendel Bar-Bistro – Cafe – Breakfast as in France.

Networks are a must in my opinion today. Not only for the reason that I really like getting to know new people in person, but networks create personal connections. Like-minded people get together, they share experiences together, they can ally, share their knowledge and ideas and support each other. My guiding principles are: who does not ask, remains stupid. Not everyone can harm everything and relationships only to those who have none. Every person who crosses our lives has a purpose, is an inspiration and a teacher - whether in a positive or negative sense. Each individual has a meaning and can accompany us a bit on our life path and bring us further.

A few weeks ago, when the grass was still partly under a blanket of snow, I was allowed to get to know the dear Patricia of Abenteuerkekserl. I told you in detail in my post "Bloggerin Patricia adventure biscuit & Archduke Johann at my table". I was incredibly happy that Patricia lives very close to me and in the meantime we have really implemented what we talked about. We met for a small "joint project" - the personally coffee from Baguette M Price.
Now that the first rays of sun kiss the pale tip of his nose and the birds are chirping again, the time has finally come - our blogger round has been extended. A new meeting was coming up: Rebecca from Sansanrebecca, Patricia from Abenteuerkekserl and me, in this case with my food blog Lucina Cucina, met and finally met. The meeting was agreed a long time before, now it finally worked out.
The day before the meeting I thought about what I could take as a small present. Since Rebecca had proposed the Café Lavender in Innsbruck, a beautiful lavender flower would be the right gift.2  lucinacucina lavendel schoepflavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck restaurant Tipp brunchen I really wanted a lavender in the pot because they last so much longer than cut flowers - after all, they should still be long positively remembered our first meeting. As there is still a hype about the Eos lip care at the moment, these also landed in my shopping cart, two nice sacks and my souvenir was ready. Actually, I wanted to choose a suitable outfit, but unfortunately I had to do without due to lack of time. I worked intensively on a project until 3 o'clock in the morning and wrote a column text for Cooking Magazine. It became 5 and when my alarm rang at 6 o'clock, I started the usual morning routine. Quickly in the shower, drinking a glass of water and getting ready to get into the bathroom. The first matching garment from my closet was taken, but a little hesitation I already had, because I knew exactly that the first impression counts and this is never to be reversed.1  lucinacucina lucinaslife luciaplankova fruehlingsoutfitt wiesseschuhe freizeitoutfitt But it just did not change my mind. I hope this will improve in the next few weeks - because I'm reading a book about time management.
At 8:30 Patricia was waiting for me in front of the Mpreis Ötztaler Höhe, as we had already met Rebecca at 9:30 in front of the Cafe Lavendel in Innsbruck. We were lucky that Mr. C. chauffeured us to Innsbruck by car. Not everyone has such a personal chauffeur - it saved us the journey by train. At this point he has a big thank you.
The journey was a bit quiet, as I wanted to gain some time for myself to relax. An hour's sleep is just a little short. As soon as I'm on the move, I'm full of energy and cheer - probably a habit from my hospital days. But if I sit down and do nothing, my eyes will shut automatically with so little sleep.
Mr. C. has left us directly in front of the restaurant. The Cafe Lavender made a rather inconspicuous impression from the outside.15  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck bloggertreff foodblogger tirol As we walk in, Patricia and I realized that live shows much better than what the photos on the internet convey. Everything looked bright, flooded with light, fresh and upbeat.16  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck schlumberger wein The interior shone in black-and-white-purple tones, tasteful designer lamps hung from the ceiling, simple black-wooden chairs and tables underlined the charming Mediterranean and yet cozy style of the café. The matching accessories were also on the tables - lavender flowers and nice, nostalgic sugar bowls with lavender pictures reminiscent of summer days in Provence.3  lucinacucina lavendel schoepflavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck restaurant Tipp brunchen My first impression in short sentences was: uncomplicated enjoyment moments for the little luck in between. A bit of Provence-Lavender-WORLD in the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck. Get in the way, meet friends, have a good time and have a certain holiday feeling.

We picked a nice place and ordered now cappuccino with a attentive waiter. Psst! Here it should give the best of the city, after all, it was awarded with 2 coffee cups from Falstaff and enjoyment has so us food blogger yes always season.4  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck restaurant Tipp fallstaf4  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck restaurant Tipp capuccino caffeeWhat does the day bring? How is Rebecca? We did not know it. We were excited and looking forward to the new acquaintance. For me it is always a pleasure and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for own, creative ideas, to exchange with other bloggers, people and personalities. Every time I am happy as a small child when I meet someone new.
Meanwhile, I learned from Patricia that she is a total fan of lavender and one more thing, but that remains a little secret. In any case, I'm really happy for her.5  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck restaurant Tipp patricia lutz abenteuerkekserl Oh man, oh man I almost forgot to mention: of course, we also exchanged our souvenirs. Love, thank you for the many wonderful gifts. The dishes are already divided for the next food shoot. I slept first with the wonderfully scented lavender sack, now it has a tight spot in my wardrobe. The pesto and the strawberry jam I will mention in my next two recipes and if Patricia makes a recipe for it, I link it to you - so incredibly delicious. You know, I love and appreciate Homemade stuff.6  lucinacucina lavendel patricia lutz abenteuerkekserl homemade praesent geschenk baerlauchpesto7  lucinacucina lavendel patricia lutz abenteuerkekserl homemade praesent geschenk baerlauchpesto erdbeermarmelade geschirrA short time later, relaxed, smiling, Rebecca greeted us and our ladies' round was complete. It felt like we knew each other forever. The conversation was endless. Rebecca ordered her hot milk and we actually wanted to order breakfast, but there was so much to talk about and say that the waiter had to come three times until we finally opened the card and picked the right breakfast. A good brunch was the best way to make things easier.8  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck croissant milchkaffee sansanrebecca rebecca oberhuber bloggertreffenThe menu was colorful and offers classics as well as internationally inspired dishes and beautiful creations.
Rebecca ordered two croissants and butter.9  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck croissant milchkaffee sansanrebecca rebecca oberhuber bloggertreffen I ordered the Chefinnen-Frühstück (small house cereal with fresh fruit, yogurt, croissant, soft-cooked free range, butter, jam, and a glass of Prosecco).10  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck Chefinnen Fruehstueck brunch Patricia got the breakfast Vital with freshly squeezed orange juice, small fruit salad, soft-boiled free range, cream cheese, honey, butter and wholemeal bread. Everything was served very nicely.11  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck vital Fruehstueck brunch Do you know the curse of the Food Blogger?
First, of course, came the photos for you, dear readers. Maybe that's why our eggs were not soft, but cooked hard, even though we were done in no time.12  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck brunch foodblogger bloggertreff sansanrebecca abenteuerkekserl rebecca Oberhuber patricia lutzAnd there was a minus point for my slightly burnt croissant. Crispy he was, but fluffy unfortunately not. But otherwise I have to say, visually very nice and tasted it also very good. If you love the uncomplicated enjoyment, have fun with good coffee (but not as good as in Italy) and want to top it all off with culinary delicacies or good-looking and tasty Homemade cake pieces, then Café Lavender Innsbruck is the place to be.13  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck torte No matter how old you are - meet friends, what delicious food and to your heart's content talk about yourself and others ... Such a breakfast you will not forget ...
At this breakfast I collected many impulses and impressions. We laughed a lot together and had a lot of fun. You could have breakfast to infinity draw. I am already looking forward to the future many beautiful moments, experiences, joint projects and adventures, to this lightness, informality and new friendship. Often these are the little things in life that make you happier, sharing happy snapshots that give strength and motivation for everyday life.14  lucinacucina lavendel cafe lavendel innsbruck espresso bloggertreff foodblogger tirol Finally, I drank quick espresso - because coffee tastes best when it tastes of coffee, originally and unadulterated - just pure pure enjoyment of coffee. And then it's back home. All three so different and yet we have something in common - it's not just the white shoes - but also the love and passion for good food, drink, enjoyment and writing.



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