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autumn garden party

Now it is here, the golden season, and before we wrap ourselves in the warm winter blankets, the beautiful autumn seduces us to go out again.
The perfect time to organize an autumn garden party. Fruity wines, hearty peasants, hot chestnuts, colorful dishes, sweet seductions from seasonal fruit. This is pure "autumn enjoyment in nature"

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For all of you who would like to imitate this style or get some decoration or harness, I have summarized and linked all the necessary stuff at the end of this post. If you are interested in this design, then I also sell this complete set for a special price, with all the trimmings. Feel free to send me an e-mail. Gradually, I also link all the recipes that occur in this garden party.

A good life also includes good festivals.

You should always grab the chance when she's there to gather some nice people and bring some good food to the table. Autumn offers every reason for joy. Nature shows itself with colorful flowers, colorful leaves and other treasures from its most beautiful side and invites you to walks, excursions and enjoyment hours in the garden or on the terrace.1 herbst garten herbstgartennfest herbst gartenparty lucina cucina lucinaslife skandinavian terrasse schwedengartenMany of you already know that we have to move (there is also a detailed contribution). In preparation for our move, I started selling our stuff. It was the same with our small electric oven and our rustic corner seat. It did not take long and my ad on Will has the dear Martina reported. Together, we voted by email when they get the corner seat and the electric stove. She came together with her husband Michael. While our men cut down the massive corner seat, we had a chat over a cup of coffee. Christian and I immediately liked the couple very much.2 ferienwohnung hausegg landleben haimingerbergThrough my framed award from the Bake my Cake Award, we somehow got into the topic of cooking, eating, traveling and blogging. Over time, I've always been fond of cooking for others and managing them - decorating the board differently, creating a cozy and soothing atmosphere.
And yes, long story short: Martina told us they would like to come to dinner. We exchanged our and e-mail addresses. Since she claimed that they were quite spontaneous and flexible, I tested this out. That same week I went out with her when I had in mind an idea for an autumn garden party. What could be better than to combine it with a nice get-together with nice people? You just have to go around the world with your heart and your eyes open and trust yourself, get involved in something new. I am cosmopolitan and love to meet new people. Every single person we meet in life has its own exciting story and everyone is an incredible asset to their own lives, a kind of new motivation and inspiration - at least that's the way I see it. Because of my willingness to socialize, we always have something going on and everyone is welcome. I always enjoy cooking, sitting for hours at the dining table and talking. That's why my invitation went to Martina via e-mail. I was very happy about her commitment.

Thought of all

I immediately started the implementation. The "old Jungle Terrace" I had already changed a few days ago and painted in sweden red combined with white. (there is a post on Lucinaslife) Since Martina and Michael also have two children / sons, Elia 6 years old and Emanuel 3 years old, I just thought that an autumn garden party would be great, for all ages. No compulsive quiet sitting at the table, but a relaxed combination of eating, drinking, chatting, playing and even more socializing.3 haimingerberg ferienwohnungen hausegg tirol austria haiming chleiderei gartenfest kinder24 landleben haimingerberg hausegg ferienwohnung familie natur berge I wanted to conjure a short break for my guests. A little break, where you can enjoy the relaxed, autumnal aura of our beautiful, unique and picturesque Tyrolean mountains, the country life, the closeness to nature, the beauty of creation and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life with good food and a glass of wine. Nothing was more suitable for that than a lovingly arranged autumn garden party. The aim was to transform the garden and the terrace into a veritable, idyllic oasis of well-being for them to relax. It should be unique, with a hint of playful children's touch. The whole family should feel good with me.4 herbst garten terasse lucinacucina lucinaslife hausegg haimingerberg herbstparty kuerbis That's why the right deco highlights were important. The charm is always in the little loving details.

With the falling temperatures in the autumn the longing for security rises. Cozy furniture, warm colors and special mood-makers were needed to make the garden a cozy place to relax.5 skandinavienstyl skandi schweden terasse garten landleben herbstgarten herbstliche gartenparty lucinacucina lucinaslife

Passionate and creative

The motto is clearly autumn and of course autumn also includes pumpkin. So I designed an autumn pumpkin colorful garden party. My creative spirit got wings and I dreamed to Sweden. Red wooden houses, lush green meadows, grazing cows, happy kids frolicking and the scent of freshly baked cake - almost like a movie or a novel by Astrid Lindgren. I made myself the world, widdewid how I like it ...! Is it familiar? The Pippi Longstocking or also known as Pippi Lotta. They with their Villa Kunterbunt and Sweden were now my inspiration.5 skandinavienstyl herbstgarten lucinacucina gartenfest gartenparty terrasse herbst The Pippi Langstrumf who does what she likes and so I did it too. In my mind's eye, I already had a pretty detailed plan of how to put the Scandinavian style in the garden and on the patio. The Nordic country idyll on a colorful terrace in the mountains.

Campfire romance and unusual culinary delights

Of course, the matching autumnal recipes could not be missing. If you spend the whole day in the fresh air and relaxing, you also want to enjoy good food. A real autumnal Slovak potato stew with legumes, which we cook outside in our stew oven over direct fire, would surely be an unforgettable experience.

6 kessel rezepte eintopfofen lucinacucina gulaschkanonen outdoorkueche draußen kochen herbst garten terasse7 kessel rezept eintopfofen eintof huelsenfruechte8 Kessel rezept eintopfofen draußen kochen herbst rezept landleben krauter10 eintopf herbst herbstrezept lucina cucina garten gartenfest huelsenfruechte eintopf outdoor kessel eintopfofen From the campfire has been going on for thousands of years a very unique fascination. It promises warmth, security, security and food. Who does not know the feeling of spending hours in a campfire, smelling the scent of the fire, hearing the crackling of the wood and feeling the heat of the flame? Cooking by the fire is just a lot more than just preparing food, it also makes us one with our past and you just feel it. Cooking without a microwave and without a ceramic hob is just as good today as it used to be and includes something very special. This wild romanticism should convey to us, not only the smell of freshly grilled sausages and pork medallions, but also the fire from our garden oven, until our stew was finished9 kochen draußen grillen herbst lagerfeuer gartenofen terassenkamin skandinavien schweden styl lucinacucina landleben11 grillen herbst lucina cucina herbstliches grillen garten party fest And have I already awakened the desire to cook outside the fire with you? Outdoor cooking offers a true sensory experience. While you cook and eat, you can also enjoy the beauty of our landscape. You have the opportunity to improvise and experiment. So much I can tell, the stew was a real gourmet delicacy.
Let's start the fall on our menu. The offer of local vegetables in the farmers shop and in the vegetable department in the shops is colorful and varied. Everywhere you see colorful roots and tubers. The culinary delight of this season for me is clearly the beautiful orange-glowing pumpkin and as I wanted to decorate with pumpkin also, this should reflect somewhere in my food. I'm not the big baker of themed cakes, but I'm passionate about creating a culinary highlight for glowing children's eyes. What would be better than a cake in pumpkin form?12 lucina cucina herbst gartenfest gartenparty landleben terasse kuerbiss gugelhupf laub kekse herbstplaetzchen Every autumn, the intense foliage color inspires - from green to yellow and orange to intense red and violet. Inspired by this fascinating play of colors of nature, my pumpkin gugelhupf was joined by a few autumnal pumpkin biscuits in various foliage shapes and colors. They should sweeten the autumnal day on the terrace with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Also, they fit perfectly in such a small child's hand. The menu for the garden party was thus finished. All that was missing was a small gift - that was a land tractor for Elijah and Emanuel and a pair of homemade kitchen gifts, such as my Alpine herbal salt, mint syrup and parsley-mint-maggie herb pesto for the whole family19 kinder traktor landtraktor20 gastgeschenk herbstpaier21 landleben herbst kinder geschenk garten hausegg haimingerberg22 landleben kinder spielen garten geschenk herbst23 kindr spielen landleben traktor

Scandinavian Living means nature-loving living.

Scandinavian gardens are primarily characterized by natural beauty. Nature is simply part of Scandinavian living. That's exactly what I tried to do that day. Inspired by nature and its colorful colors in autumn, I tried to create just that. Clear design, natural materials and patterns inspired by nature, paired with the picturesque Tyrolean mountains - these were my specifications. A Scandinavian terrace with Tyrolean mountain flair - this should enchant my guests. Simple, but by no means sparse: deco and accessories made for that certain something. The use of natural materials such as wood should also provide exceptional comfort and warmth. Pillows, candles and lights are always a formula for creating a cozy atmosphere.16 herbst tischdekoration tischdeko garten gartenparty gartenfest lucinacucina17 herbst garten gartenparty gartenfest kuerbis terrasse landleben schweden lucinacucina18 kuerbis landleben herbst gartenparty lucinacucina licht lichterkette

Harmonic unit

So I went in search of expressive objects, decoration and also a suitable tableware. Some things I already had at home, others I have bought or brought from the forest and garden. Contrasts always make a device exciting. I was looking for atmospheric, warm materials and nature-inspired accessories that conveyed calm and balance.13 skandinavienstyl herbst garten terrasse landleben fest gartenparty lucinacucina14 skandi styl landleben herbst garten fest gartenparty eintopfofen kessel15 herbst tischdeko aepfel garten gartenfest gartenparty lucinacucina The apple is e.g. a popular symbol in many fairytales. Likewise, my apples, properly arranged and staged, should be just magical. The fruits and flowers with bright orange, yellow, red were real garden highlights. In retrospect, I think, it was a successful mix of autumn country house elements, combined with classic, Scandinavian accents. The terrace looked really idyllic, enchanting and playful, with a great location at 1200 meters altitude, gently embedded in the imposing mountains of the Tyrolean Alps.

My world of well-being and experience between heaven and mountains was created.

It brought us moments full of happiness and fascination through the experience of beauty and magic of our Alpine world and through this encounter with this warm and loving family.25 haimingerberg hausegg ferienwohnungen herbst haiming familie landleben lucinaslife Michael and Martina with their very good and playful children, are exactly our wavelength and we would be very pleased if we would continue to stay in contact - even if we may already live somewhere else. At this point I would like to thank you for the wonderful souvenirs. The self-painted and tinkered picture of Elijah is still hanging on our Kühlschrak - we had chosen this place together, Elia and I, and attached the picture there. The chestnuts, homemade bacon, wine and the Mozartkugeln - thank you for all your presents. 26 gastgeschenke gartenparty hausegg haimingerbergAnd a big thank you for this wonderful time with you and your family.27 familie ferienwohnungen hausegg haimingerberg 14 lucinanaslife28 herbstkekse herbstplaetzchen laubkekse lucinacucina29 tischdeko herbst tischdekoration gartenparty gartenfest lucinacucina30 tischdekoration herbst tischdeko lucinacucina gartenparty depot tersse31 tischdekoration tischdeko lucinacucina gartenparty gartenfest herbst depot online32 tischdekoration tischdeko herbst gartenparty gartenfest33 gartenparty terrassse herbst schweden skandinavien styl landleben34 herbst gartenparty gartenfest skandinavien styl Terrasse tischdeko tischdekoration lucinacucina35 herbst tischdeko aepfel laub herbstrezept herbstplaetzchen36 tischdeko herbst tischdekoration outdoor draußen kochen eintopfofen lucinacucina37 herbst garten kuerbis gartenparty dekoration lucinacucina38 herbst rezepte garten party fest lucinacucina kuerbis gugelhupf herbstkekse herbstplaetzchen herbstrezept backen39 herbst herbstrezept kuerbis gugelhupf lucinacucina draußen garten party40 himbeeren garten landleben lucinacucina



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