my garden - my country life from life with heeled shoes and stress ---- to ---- experience with rubber boots and filled happiness

I have always been a creative person. As creatively as Mother Nature has missed my 2 colored eyes, so creative was my life so far. Whether as a photo model or beauty coach, creativity has always fascinated me. I like to create something new, which inspires and motivates other people.
Since I have devoted a large part of my time to cooking, it is not surprising that heir's civility has also been introduced.
It fascinates me to try new dishes, to combine food which can not be found in a traditional recipe. To try out which flavoring nerves are activated in certain combinations of foods is a very exciting topic. Of course, not always everything fits right away, but then it means for me to continue to frog and test until it fits.

kreire 3In my recipes it is often about new combinations of spices and food to get a whole new taste experience. Recipes from many different cookbooks, magazines and also from the Internet serve me as a basis. I think I've never cooked a recipe from a book. I always changed something and combined, so that everything I cooked, my personal touch got.
kreiereOn my travels I paid my attention not only to the country, the beauties of the landscape. No, rather, people always interested me, their everyday existence, and above all their kitchen. In every country, there are characteristics, their own spices and, above all, very different types of preparation. Everywhere and from every human being you can learn something. And that is exactly what fascinates me and has drawn me into its spell - learning from others and then making something new out of it. That describes my passion for the creative very well.

to impose on the masses. My motto is to study, try and explore. If I am interested in a topic, or I write a new recipe, then it can happen that I turn myself on. Often I come from the rain into the eaves, as one says so beautifully. But then I concentrate again on the essentials, get me new inspiration in nature and try again.
kreire 2That is exactly what makes me happy in the kitchen. Experimenting with new combinations, new spices and, above all, creating new recipes. That makes me happy and I like to be in the kitchen, even if I am not a cook. As some say, they still have to cook ....... which is not for me. I'm looking forward to cooking.
This is exactly what makes the difference. If you like doing something, you simply do not see it as work.

kreire 1
ince creativity can not be called at the push of a button, it can happen that I get the inspiration for the recipe only in the night. Perhaps in the morning in a magazine, the inspiration read, the lighting idea comes to it only in the sleep. So it can be times that I am also in the pajama, a recipe to design and of course, immediately try. The crativity must be used when it is there. ;-)


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